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The community publishing methodology has been developing since 1986.For the first nine years; it was used in the Ministry of Community Development for training and training manuals for 7000 village community workers. In 1995, Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust was set up as an independent, non-partisan trust. Since 2010, ACPD has been publishing with children and youth.


Over the last 30 years since community publishing was initiated, more than 60 books have been published, some in several volumes and translated into between 3 & 7 Zimbabwean languages, and some drawing on thousands of diverse contributors. The books are very popular and sometimes go out of print before they are launched, or leave the national team with only one copy after a large print run. Some titles are frequently reprinted, including commissions by other organisations. From 2018, some titles will be available online. Some of the books are accompanied by posters and games.


ACPD has community publishing facilitators in all provinces, and youth and children’s book teams and study circles who contribute to research and book production. Books are distributed throughout Zimbabwe, directly through trained facilitators and indirectly through ACPD’s network of more than 80 governmental and non-governmental associates. The books are used most intensively in ACPD’s constitutional awareness and peace-building programmers, where they reach a large and diverse readership. The print runs of ACPD’s books range from 3,000 to 500,000 with books being frequently reprinted in response to a huge demand. A book on average is shared by 5 readers. ACPD is planning to expand its national, Diaspora and international readership through on line publishing.



A culture of peace and constitutionalism in which articulate, well informed girls and boys, young women and young men, supported by the older generation, participate meaningfully in sustainable development and decision making.



ACPD’s mission is to carry out research, publishing and advocacy, prioritising the capacity enhancement of young people and the institutions that support them, in order to realise their constitutional rights and responsibilities, gender equality, peace, good local governance, poverty reduction and sustainable development.



- Constructive communication and relationships

- Teamwork and shared leadership

- Respect, inclusion, participation

- Children’s  and youth protection and participation

- The continuous search for truth

- Humility

- Non- partisan

- Transparency and accountability

- Courage and perseverance

- Dedication and commitment

- Innovation and dynamism, responding positively to opportunities and challenges.





Through community publishing our views have been heard and our abilities and potential as profound instruments of change has been recognised

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